KG Web Design is a Greek website design, development and promotion company. We build websites that create real value for our clients and their organizations, using cutting edge technology & best practices to create custom sites that increase user engagement.

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Modern design
We use the most modern templates and cutting-edge technologies to keep your page up to date with the latest developments in web content viewing, tailored to the company profile and trends of the era.
Continuous support
We are next to you after finishing our construction, to satisfy your wishes for improving or expanding the capabilities or services it offers with direct and reliable technical support to resolve any problems.
Responsive design for correct viewing
Your page is portrayed correctly on any device (tablet, mobile), regardless of its type or screen size, so the visitor enjoys the same great user experience.
High quality
We propose ideal solutions for your successful internet presence, high aesthetics and innovative applications.
Multilingual presentation
Your website may be presented in Greek and / or English or any other language you wish.
For the custom needs of each business
We treat each site as a new special case - we do not create it by copying another.
Content management
Advanced content management system without technical knowledge.
Training for managing, updating and modifying the content of the site.
My Business
Sign up for Google My Business, create a corporate profile, and show your business on Google Maps.
Search engines
With search engine optimization, your website will be listed in the top search results.
Record traffic and interaction of Google Analytics users.
Site backup
Daily auto backup of files for extra protection.

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